Mini taxi-boats, which keep the tradition of transporting visitors to the close-by beaches the way this used to be done in the old times, leave from the small port of Lučica. The contemporary form of the same type of services can be enjoyed in the form of excursion boats which take tourists on a very interesting trip to visit the attractions of the underwater world (half-day trips in glass-bottom boats – glass boat), and there are several boats which take visitors on whole-day trips to the near-by islands of Sveti Grgur, Goli otok, the town of Baška on the island of Krk, the islet of Košljun, the Zavratnica cove (a cove whose shape reminds of a fjord), as well as the more and more attractive fishing activities.The vicinity of the Plitvice Lakes, located only 120 km from Lopar, makes them a true attraction for tourists. The Plitvice Lakes is the biggest and oldest Croatian national park (it has been protected since 8 April 1949), inscribed in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List in 1979.Without any doubt, the most attractive excursion is the one to Goli otok (Naked Island) with its notorious former prison, among tourists also known as "Croatian Alcatraz". Numerous buildings, prison cells and workshops have witnessed cruel destiny of convicts on island's stone surface. Tourist facilities on the island: a small catering service for refreshment after the tour, small train for easier passing of island's paths, and a souvenir shop.